Les affamés (starts November 27)
Place Vendome (starts November 20)
Laisse tes mains sur mes hanches (starts November 27)

21-year-old Zoe is tired of her concerns being dismissed because of her age. When she moves in with her new roommates and realizes they’re also struggling, Zoe is determined to make society take their generation seriously. 

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After the untimely death of her husband, Marianne discovers seven diamonds in his hidden safe. Realizing that the diamonds are related to shady business dealings, she decides to keep them and uncover their secrets.

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When her daughter moves out, Odile, a 42-year-old actress and single mother, befriends a group of fairground workers who help her rediscover her passion for life, but her old friends are worried about Odile’s new behavior. 

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Florence is a teacher who is very dedicated to her students, which sometimes leads her to neglect her own children. In trying to help Sacha, a troubled young boy, she realizes there’s no age limit for learning.  

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When Catherine, a wealthy woman with a cheating husband, meets Marlene, the hostess at a strip club, she convinces Marlene to help her extract revenge on her husband. 

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Bertrand and Lorraine develop a friendship when their partners begin cancer treatments. They each have their own ways of handling the stressful situation but together they learn how to cope and keep living. 

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COMING SOON From The Best French Movies

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Evolving Themes

Along with a continually evolving selection featuring the best French films, we will be running several series of themed movie collections every season. Here are some former highlights from Cinema On Demand:

Special Tribute to Jean Dujardin & the Gerard Depardieu Collection

Discover the talents of Academy-Award winning French actor Jean Dujardin with three of his most celebrated films, including Contre Enquête (2007) Lucky Luke (2009) and The Artist (2011). Dujardin started his career as a stand-up comedian, developing his talents in a number of key roles in comedy series and films. He received an astounding 14 awards and 21 nominations for his role as George Valentin in the silent film The Artist.

There aren’t many actors who can claim to have appeared in approximately 170 films in 50 years, but there’s one French actor who can—Gérard Depardieu. His first major appearance in 1974 was as Jean-Claude in the comedy Les Valseauses (“Going Places”). He went on to win two César Awards for Best Actor: In 1981 for his role as Bernard Granger in The Last Metro, and In 1991 for his role as Cyrano de Bergerac in the film of the same name. In our Depardieu special, enjoy the 1973 classic L’Affair Dominici, the 2010 historical comedy drama L’Autre Dumas, and the 2013 comedy Turf. Enjoy nonstop entertainment with the best French movies on demand by signing up for TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand. Contact us on 800.737.0455 or send an email to toutsavoir@tv5monde.org to find out if TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand is available in your region. Subscribe now!

The 2020 at-home edition of French Cinema Now, featuring an exciting lineup of recent films, hand-picked by SIFF!