Blanche comme neige

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August 13th
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November 11th

Although the story of one of the most familiar fairytales of all time (Snow White), Anne Fontaine’s Blanche comme neige (White As Swow) will surprise you with an unconventional sense of humor and a splash of feminism.

A modern twist on a classic tale, the beautiful young Claire is threatened by her jealous stepmother, Maud. Forced to hide, Claire ends up in a small village where seven men fall under her charm.

For fairytale lovers and Huppert fans alike, Blanche comme neige premiered in 2019 at Tribeca Film Festival. Instead of the usual damsel in distress dancing with dwarves and befriending woodland animals, Claire (Lou de Laage) is driven away from her evil stepmother Maud (Huppert) into a village of 7 “princes”, where all her desires are awakened. Yet another audacious and surprising movie from the French director Anne Fontaine, best known in America for The Innoncents, which won several awards including the COLCOA Audience Awards in Los Angeles, and Coco Before Chanel, her biopic on the French designer with Audrey Tautou.


Directed by Anne Fontaine

Starring Isabelle Huppert, Lou de Laâge, Benoît Poelvoorde


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