Festival Titles Now Playing in partnership with Unifrance

From January to March 2023, TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand is partnering with Unifrance for a 9th year to present a selection of MyFrenchFilmFestival, an innovative global online festival showcasing a new generation of francophone filmmakers.

French Language Movies on Demand with TV5MONDE

Watch the very best French language movies from festival favorites to award-winning films with TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand. With our continually-updated selection, you can enjoy the latest releases and classics again and again. TV5MONDE is proud to offer the first, and the most extensive selection of the best French language movies available on any cable or streaming service—making us the premier provider of French movies on demand in the USA.

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Each month, we feature new releases and award-winning films to keep you up with the latest and greatest in French cinema. Discover upcoming French movies on demand and stay on top of films that will expire soon with our monthly email updates. We also offer timeless classics—featuring iconic actors and opening up a world of history and culture often forgotten outside of the cinema.

Award Winning Content & Actors

Immerse yourself in French culture or come to appreciate the work of award-winning French actors and actresses in a new way.

The prominence of French language cinema worldwide has made many French actors and actresses household names. While browsing our selection of premier French movies on demand, you will notice appearances of Academy Award® winners Jean Dujardin and Marion Cotillard, along with icons such as Gérard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve.

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