L'heure de la sortie
Les petits flocons (starts February 28)
Pension complète (starts February 14)

A high school teacher throws himself from the classroom window before the terrified eyes of his students. Despite the tragedy, six of them remain oddly cool and unemotional.

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Wanda is a leg model, but she is temporarily unemployed after contracting phlebitis. Hoping to relax, she travels with her family to a ski resort, but struggles to enjoy her vacation when she's unable to take to the slopes.

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François and Charlotte are the married owners of a renowned hotel and restaurant, but their marriage hits a rough patch when François decides to pursue a Michelin star while Charlotte is ready to start a family.

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A wealthy but introverted man is unhappy with his life and decides that he needs a family to be happy. When he meets a friendly, young mother who is deeply in debt, he offers to "rent" her family.

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Chouchou, an illegal immigrant, is finally free to dress in women's clothing, finding work at a cabaret in Paris. There he meets Stanislaus and falls in love, but Chouchou's immigration status might prove to be an issue.

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Alex, an accountant, and Béatrice, a cab driver, are a simple, straightforward couple… or so it seems.

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