La Ch'tite famille (starts December 13)
Le dîner de cons

Valentin D, a hotshot designer, is ashamed of his working class family in northern France and pretends to be an orphan to hide his origins, but the truth comes out when an accident leaves him with amnesia.

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Pierre Brochant and his friend have a weekly game they play at their Wednesday dinner parties. Each person must invite an idiot and whoever brings the most spectacular idiot wins the prize.

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As the youngest member of the famous Bonhomme family, Vicky has struggled to find her place in life. At 30 years old she discovers her passion for singing and finally feels free, despite her family's disapproval.

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The women in Isabelle's family suffer a terrible curse: their first marriages are always disastrous. Desperate to beat the curse, Isabelle wants to marry and divorce a stranger so she will be free to marry her soul mate.

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Sébastien and Clémentine struggle to balance the daily challenges of work and parenting, but their life gets even more chaotic when Sébastien's mother comes to stay with them after discovering her husband's affair.

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Based on a true story, a circus performer by the name of Monsieur Chocolat rises from obscurity to become France's first black stage entertainer during the Belle Époque.

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