Ni à vendre ni à louer (starts July 3)
Just a gigolo (starts July 10)
Trop belle pour toi - Cannes 1989

In a film with no words, set in the quaint seaside town of Croisic, the stories and destinies of those who are visiting the tourist town during the off-season begin to intertwine. 

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After living in luxury for 25 years, the washed-up gigolo Alex is unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend. Forced to move in with his sister and nephew, Alex is desperate to find a new heiress as quickly as possible. 

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Bernard is a successful businessman and married to a beautiful woman, but he is unhappy with his life. In need of an assistant, he hires Collette, a plain looking woman and soon finds himself falling in love.

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When their factory jobs are relocated to Poland, Jocelyne and Serge Klur face numerous financial difficulties, but they and a motley crew will battle the Goliath-like company in a bid to save their livelihoods.

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A portrait of Céderic Herrou, a local farmer on the French-Italian border who shelters migrants in his backyard and fights the immigration policies that make it impossible for these families to seek asylum on French soil.

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Iris, 16, is living in a small provincial town when she meets Jean, a 40-year-old photographer from Paris. Their relationship evolves over the course of their meetings, and their lives will turn upside down.

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